Kepiye cara ningkatake kualitas produk adesif cair panas?


Formula sakaadhem panas nyawiji is not static, and some raw materials can be used to improve the quality of adhem panas nyawiji products.

1. Pelumas

Appropriate addition of lubricants in adhem panas nyawijis can improve the release performance of the plastic during heating and molding, and improve the surface finish of the product. But this kind of lubricant should not be added too much, so as not to affect the viscosity of the product. Commonly used lubricants include stearic acid, salt, paraffin wax, synthetic wax and so on.

2. Pewarnaan

Colorants are used to change the color of adhem panas nyawijis. The main purpose is to beautify and decorate. About 80% of plastic products are colored to produce the final product.

3. Pengepakan

Adding fillers to the adhem panas nyawiji can reduce the shrinkage of the adhem panas nyawiji, increase the viscosity, increase the gap-filling property, and reduce the cost at the same time. Adding too much filler will affect the fluidity of the adhem panas nyawiji and reduce its adhesion. Common fillers are calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and clay.

4. Flameretardant

The main component of adhem panas nyawiji is polyurethane resin, which is combustible. We can improve the flame retardancy of adhem panas nyawiji by adding flame retardant in the middle. Most plastics containing flame retardants are self-extinguishing or burn very slowly. Commonly used flame retardants are antimony dioxide, aluminum boron compounds, tetrachlorophthalic anhydride and so on.