Alesan kenapa adesif panas nyawiji ora suwe


Yen ingadhem panas nyawiji is not sticky, the first thing we have to consider is whether the production operation is appropriate. This is not necessarily caused by the performance of the hot melt adhesive, in the case of page shedding problems. Before gluing, it is necessary to consider whether theadhem panas nyawiji can penetrate well on the surface of the book. If the permeability is not good, the effect of this book will be affected. When the upper and lower glues are folded and squeezed, sufficient pressure and pressure time are required, otherwise the performance of the hot melt glue will be affected.

        The second possibility is whether theadhem panas nyawiji has deteriorated before it is put into production. The performance is not good, the storage state of the hot melt adhesive is unstable for a long time, and qualitative changes are prone to occur, which affects the performance of theadhem panas nyawiji.

        The last possibility is that insufficient permeability will affect the adhesion between books. The state and performance ofadhem panas nyawijis are relatively stable, but after a long time, they will fall, stick, and crack.