Apa adesif panas sing dilelehake ora dibungkus karo kertas sing diiseni?


Kertas sing mbungkusadhem panas nyawijiumume ora diarani kertas minyak, nanging istilah profesional diarani kertas rilis. Ora kabeh jinis leleh panas padhet kudu dibungkus nganggo kertas rilis, gumantung karo jinis perekat hotmelt.

      Granular and strip adhem panas nyawijis do not need to be wrapped. They are only slightly sticky on the surface and will not stick together even if they are placed in a pile, so they can be boxed or bagged as soon as they are produced. Block hot melt adhesives are generally sticky on the surface. They must be wrapped in release paper before they can be packed out of the box. Otherwise, they will all stick together. It is difficult to put them into the glue oven one by one during use. Therefore, the block The adhem panas nyawiji, which is also called perekat sensitif tekanan, kudu dibungkus nganggo kertas rilis ing permukaan.

       It is necessary to use release paper to wrap the adhem panas nyawiji, and the adhesive film also plays a role of protection and isolation. If it is wrapped with release paper, the adhem panas nyawiji needs to be torn off the release paper before use; if it is wrapped with adhesive film, the whole piece of adhem panas nyawiji can be directly put into the glue oven to dissolve, without having to worry about the thin surface. Glue film. The rubber particles and strips are in direct contact with the air, and the environmental quality should be paid more attention to when storing. Hot melt adhesives are not suitable for storage in dusty, violent sunlight or humid environments to avoid pollution or moisture. The water vapor is heated and vaporized into gas, and the gas will be eliminated with the glue if it can't disperse at once. There is no glue where the bubbles go. If there is no bubble to take up a larger space, it will affect the effect of the glue. To properly protect the adhem panas nyawiji, one more layer of release paper will provide an additional layer of protection, which will reduce the hot melt adhesive from impurities and moisture.