Cara milih kabel jembatan irung


Ingkawat jembatan irungis an indispensable part of the current mask. The biggest role of the kawat jembatan irungis not only to fix the mask on the bridge of the nose, but to block unfiltered air from being directly sucked into the body from the bridge of the nose.

       Therefore, the shaping effect of the nose bridge wire and whether it has low resilience directly determines the filtering effect of the mask, and also directly affects the health of the mask wearer! Because of the large-scale spread of COVIN-19, masks have become a must one of the spare parts now, the demand for the kawat jembatan irungof masks has also risen. There are many materials and specifications of the kawat jembatan irungon the market. Today, I will take you to compare these nose bridge wire.

Bahan: plastik;inti batin: ora ana batin; jembaré: 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0mm; efek mbentuk: apik; kurang tangguh: apik; Digunakake kanggo: topeng pakai (medis / sipil)

Bahan: bahan plastik; inti batin: kawat wesi inti batin; jembaré: 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0mm; efek mbentuk: apik banget; andhap asor: apik banget; Digunakake kanggo: topeng pakai (medis / warga sipil)

Bahan: aluminium; inti batin: ora ana batin; jembaré: 4.0 / 5.0mm; efek mbentuk: apik banget; kurang tahan: apik banget; kanggo: topeng N95 / KN95 khusus